Quality Versus Cost When It Comes To Your Website

Quality comes with a cost. Whether it’s a website, an automobile or a pair of shoes. Cheap often means nasty. To get a quality website, you need a quality web designer who has the right skills, keeps up to date with technologies and uses the best products and systems, this comes at a cost. 

Remember that your website is an investment. It’s usually a once off investment that will last you several years if you take good care of it.

Think about the upfront price you are paying, before GST ( as you’ll get this back if you are tax registered), then average that cost over, say 3 years. You will now have a rough idea of the weekly cost of your site.

Often, when you use a templated or budget service, you may find yourself needing to update and improve your website not long after building it. A website is often the ‘face’ of your business. A well designed website is a reflection of your brand and a huge opportunity for securing business.  

Remember to weigh up these factors when deciding whos going to be making your website;

  • Their experience
  • Their skills
  • Time the site will take
  • Customer service
  • Communication 
  • Reliability
  • Track record – what do their other sites look like?
  • Reviews

Make sure to look at the bigger picture, assess all the pros and cons and opt for quality.


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