7 Ways To Minimize Your Website Bounce Rate

You have a great website, so you think; but the bounce rate is high. Achieving  an effective website which engages your audience and gets results is possible. Here are 7 tips to keep website traffic glued to your Site:

  1. User Friendly. Users want a page that is easy to navigate, and displays all the important information clearly, for example point on contact information. Go for a simple and effective approach when it comes to your website.

  2. Speed. Don’t keep your website traffic waiting, you’ll risk losing them. Fast loading time is extremely important, you want your page to be loading within seconds.

  3. Mobile Friendly. Ensure your site is friendly for a range of devices like mobile, tablet, desktop. Convenience is extremely important, if your suite is not usable on a smartphone you’re missing a HUGE audience.

  4. Reduce the Distractions. Keep it simple. Avoid overdoing it with colours, images and text, if your sites are too busy viewers may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. The less pop ups and advertisements the better follow a  less is more and quality over quantity approach.

  5. Content. Your content should be clear, concise and relevant.

  6. Call to Action. Have it prominently displayed and relevant – and have only one. Too many actually leave the reader confused.

  7. Make sure things work! Test all links regularly to ensure they work and everything runs smoothly.  


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