Navigating Challenges When Building a good Website

If you are in business, you must have a website, that website must also be mobile friendly. The difference between creating a good website and a great website can be affected by a range of challenges.

  • Who can you trust? This is huge, I suggest that you use an Australian service which can be easily found on Google Maps and is ‘real’. Choose a website designer who has genuine testimonials on their website.
  • Ask the right questions. Ensure you know what is included and excluded in the price. Will you need ongoing management? Is this included or a monthly extra? Is Domain Hosting included? What about SEO? Determine how long the site will take to be created from when you provide the content.
  • Research. Before signing up with a developer, check out their work. Look at the sites they have already produced. Do they look appealing? Do they load quickly? Is it easy to see what the business does? Can you find information easily?
  • Clarity around purpose. Know what your website is to be designed to achieve. Not every site will have the same purpose; it might be to convert customers, or be a resource to provide information, or possibly to simply farm contacts.
  • Communicate! Once you know your website’s purpose and have a clear vision – don’t keep it a secret. Talk to your designer and discuss these things.
  • Content. So often business owners are busy and don’t have the time (or skill) to write great content for their website. If you are getting stuck, talk to your website designer; they are sure to have some connections who can help you.
  • Images. We all know that a picture says a thousand words – a good site will have a great balance of imagery and written content. Ideally use a photographer for content, rather than online purchased images, so that your images are unique.
  • Communicate! Yes, again, as you work with your designer. As they require information, don’t ignore them – keep the communication channels open.


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