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STEP 1: Basic Information

STEP 2: Target Audience

Select Your Industry:

Please Describe the target audience for your Logo.

(Describing some of the following can be very helpful to the designer: Demographics: Age, Sex, Location, Income, Occupation, Education, Industry Psychographics: Interests, Lifestyle, Behavior, Opinions, Values)

What are the Top 3 three things you would like to communicate to your audience through your logo?

STEP 3: Style and Concept

Tick the item that best represents the type of Logo/Brand you Prefer

A wordmark consists of the company name in a stylized type and may include small abstract or pictorial elements. Famous examples include:


A pictorial mark uses literal or representative imagery to symbolize the brand. Famous examples include:


Uses abstract shapes and symbols to convey an idea or attribute about the organization. Famous examples include:

Abstract Mark

Typically uses a very small amount of letters (1-2) to represent the organization. Famous examples include:

Letterform Mark

An emblem features the name of the company typically enveloped by a pictorial element or shape. Famous examples include:


A Character logo consists of a mascot to represent the brand. Please note that Character illustrations are extremely time intensive for designers, and for the best results the quotes should be at least $400-$500. Famous examples include:


Although there is no official description of "Web 2.0" logos, some common elements can include: vibrant colors, subtle 3d feel, bold type, color transitions, and shadows. Famous examples include:

Web 2.0

Note: The above trademarks are property of their respective owners, and are in no way associated with this site. Designs. They are used only as shining examples of the most recognized brands in the world.

Please describe the colors you would like to see (or not see) in your logo:

(For reference Only) Common associations in Western culture:
Red - Passion, Anger, Stop, Battle, Love, Blood
Yellow - Joy, Intellect, Caution, Cowardice, Youth
Green - Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Sucess, Growth
White - Perfection, Purity, Wedding, Clean, Virtue
Blue - Knowledge, Trustworthy, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool
Black - Fear, Secrecy, Death, Luxury
Purple - Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination
Orange - Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Energy
Grey - Sophisticated, Neutrality, Uncommitted

Do you have any logo ideas or additional information or links that would be useful to the designers? (optional)

Do you have some images or documents that might be helpful to included in this questionnaire? (optional). You can also list a link of your examples.

Please indicate usage rights for the above links:

Where will your Logo Be Used?

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Style Gauge

Choose which level describes for each, Negative Numbers Indicate leaning to the first Description, Higher Number to the 2nd Description.













FINAL STEP: Budget and Constraints

What level of Business do you require this in?
Do you have a set Budget for your Logo?
(Remember, a Logo will represent your company, and large companies do not skimp budget on their company identity and branding)
If Yes, What is your Budget?
*If Part of Our Package, how much to allocate
If No, How much are you willing to spend?
*If Part of Our Package, how much to allocate
What Are Your Possible Limitations and Constraints
*All information gathered in this questionnaire will remain private

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